Sterile is made up of four of London’s finest young pillars of the punk world. After playing a handful of shows in the city and elsewhere as Sterilization, Sterile recorded their demo called Disappointment at Fuzzbrain Studios in March 2020 you can grab a limited cassette copy right here.
Karim Newble who’s heavily shaped what underground London music looks and sounds like through his artwork and guitar playing with Mastermind. Daniel Alvarez-Giraldo of Flaccid/micromoon brings the noise to Sterile with cutting wobbling guitars. Bobby Cole of The Annihilated pounds the shit out of the drums and is also the boss of Brainrotter Records who jointly released the demo along with Fuzzbrain Music. Finally, on bass, Sterile have Harper Maury who is an ever present figure at shows all over the city and brings all the deep frequency energy needed to make them one of the essential London acts of right now and the future.

Fuzzbrain Bossman Ben Spence on Sterile:
‘I’d been familiar with Sterilization from jump because all of them have been involved in previous Fuzzbrain activity so I was mad excited to see what music they’d create together. To me this is what raw music should sound like. Sterile are lean and definitely not clean.’