micromoon is the project of bossman CEO Ben Spence, along with Dan Alvarez-Giraldo and Rei Mancero-Rodriguez from Flaccid.

After forming in summer 2019 they quickly released their single Falling‘.

They then went on to play a series of packed out London shows, flew to Berlin to play Sneaky Snake Festival and finished the decade with the release of ‘I-IV‘, 10 minutes of flowing music about London. micromoon can be found on our Fuzzbrain Music: 2020 Visions compilation via their song ‘Chop Shop‘, limited physical copies are available here.

Like with all of our releases micromoon recorded both ‘Falling‘ and ‘I-IV‘ at Fuzzbrain Studios, with Ben running between the drums, vocal booth and the control room to engineer the sessions.

In the temporary Fuzzbrain Studios micromoon have been able to record a shitload of music including 8 singles coming out in 2021. howdogirlssleep fka Plaidboy aka Michael Adelaja has also been enlisted on multiple instruments so expect some shows soon.

Raining, Cracked, Different and Sugar will be followed by a live album from the temp spot.

Read their trips to the brain interview here.