JL & OhClooney

JL and Christy O’Connor can’t stop producing music. Either with Splitknuckle, Getaway, producing for Tuka, Stages In Faith and many more, the two of them are continuously proving their range. JL & OhClooney are the latest set of alias’ for the two of them and feature arguably their most original sounding music yet. Screensaver is out now in full via Fuzzbrain Music.

Fuzzbrain bossman Ben Spence on JL & OhClooney:

‘JL & OhClooney are making sounds like no other. Their debut Screensaver EP is out now via Fuzzbrain Music. People have been comparing them to everything from Madlib’s Quasimoto to 60s psych band Love and one musician described them as sounding like a ‘happier Burial’. The reality is they are impossible to pin down with their blend of influences but the songs are undeniably intelligently arranged and insanely catchy. Yeah bwoiiiiiiiiii.’