Fuzzbrain Music: 2020 Visions

We are unbelievably proud to present you our compilation record Fuzzbrain Music: 2020 Visions.
13 exclusive songs from 13 different artists with the goal to shine a light on the culture in which we exist.
There are a limited number of pink and green records that can be bought here along with some sexy merch.

Here’s the tracklisting:

micromoon– Chop Shop
Frame Of Mind– Visions
Tuka– Seen
Lawful Killing– Backdraft
Splitknuckle– Snake Ligature
Flaccid– Memory All Gone

Deijuvhs & Bl£m– Toke
Getaway– Give Me The Keys
Mount Doom– Misery
Plaidboy– Three
Stages In Faith– William Tell
Shooting Daggers– Humanity Waste
(featuring members of Mastermind, Blind Authority, Frame Of Mind, Payday, Ingrained, Lawful Killing, The Annihilated and Flaccid)