Flaccid were the first to join the Fuzzbrain Music family way back in summer 2018.

Their first single Flaccid Trip‘ was half of our debut double release on the 14th September 2018, alongside Tolushorts‘ ‘Asiwaju‘. The ‘Flaccid‘ EP was the first EP we’d released as a label and it doubled down on the wild template they’d set with ‘Flaccid Trip’. Flaccid can also be found on our Fuzzbrain Music: 2020 Visions compilation via their song Memory All Gone‘. Limited physical copies can be bought here.

Fuzzbrain bossman Ben Spence on Flaccid:

‘I first came across Flaccid when they booked a rehearsal at our old place in Hackney Wick, within 45 seconds of them playing I knew this was a band I wanted to work with. I remember getting turned on by how well they set their effects and how they balanced the weird shit with the heavy shit. They then went on to play one of the best sets I’ve ever seen opening for my boy deijuvhs and I knew we had to get our shit together and get some music out. We released Flaccid Trip as our first ever release and then followed it up with our first longer release with the Flaccid EP in Spring 2019. They’re definitely the most exciting heavy band in London by a fucking miiiiile and their influence will grow and grow’.

Flaccid are:
Daniel Alvarez-Giraldo on guitar and vocals
Reinaldo Mancero-Rodriguez on guitar and vocals
Michael Adelaja on bass
Godinha Almeida on drums