Christy O’Connor

Fuzzbrain Music would be pretty shit without Christy O’Connor’s contributions. He’s all over most of the things we do, be it editing artwork, rehearsing with Tuka or writing for four of the different projects of his we’ve released music with. Babilônia is out now on all streaming services via Fuzzbrain Music.

Fuzzbrain bossman Ben Spence on Christy O’Connor:

‘Christy told me he’d been working on some solo material for a while and sent me some early mixes which were already sounding crazy. When I’d play it in the studio or at home whoever was around would ask me what I was listening to and often comment on the range of sounds (doowop meets forever changes?!?!?) it was touch and go whether Christy was going to let me put these songs on streaming but for the good of the world I prised them from him and here we are with Babilônia. I also ended up playing drums on Vrillon and it was a huge honour as it’s such a personal project… I hope I didn’t fuck it up too much.’