Posted On 20 January, 2019 in by ob

Tolushorts is the Fuzzbrain Music sound.

Every release that comes out with us has been touched by Tolushorts in some way. He manages to balance working with 10 artists, creating distinct sounds for each of them that still contain enough of his own sound to be instantly recognisable.

Born in Nigeria but raised in East London Tolushorts is crafting the sound of London’s future. His use of percussion is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before and his faultless sense of instrument selection makes him one of the most exciting producers to come out of the UK in recent years.

Tolushorts’ top 5 shows where he wants to be:
The Alchemist
DJ Dahi
The Neptunes

Tolushorts is proving that DIY music doesn’t need to sound small. He always tells me ‘Fuzzbrain doesn’t follow the rules’ and this is largely off of his cue. He says ‘we all create beautiful art together… I see Fuzzbrain as a movement, it’s different we bring originality’.

One of my favourite things to do in Fuzzbrain Studios is be ignored by Tolu, because I know when he stops talking and those headphones come on I’m about 15 minutes away from hearing something special. When T approached me about starting Fuzzbrain Music it was fully contingent on him running it with me, the sonics that he creates are the foundation of everything we do and I’m forever grateful for it.