Sarah Isabella

Posted On 20 January, 2019 in by ob

You will never listen to anyone quite like Sarah Isabella.

She has an amazing ability to draw out deeply personal and romantic images that resonate with any listener that has ever experienced any form of intimacy or even deeper emotion.

When I asked her how she begins to create these lyrics, she explained to me that ‘I like to write from whatever inspires me whether that be my own experiences, or those of others or just observations from around me – whatever I connect with’.

Talking to Sarah about other people’s music begins to reveal how she’s come to create this voice. When I asked her to list the impossible, her top 5 of all time she sent me:

Donny Hathaway,
Sade Adu
Erykah Badu
Aretha Franklin
The list goes onnnnn’

Within every one her songs you can hear each of those voices flashing through in moments. The coolness of Sade with the control of D’angelo, she has the power of a Donny Hathaway or an Aretha and the ability to pluck out melodies with ease like Erykah.

I asked Sarah about why she’s with Fuzzbrain Music and she replied:
‘Fuzzbrain is not only a company but it’s also a family, I trust the people i’m around here with myself and my music, which is all I could ask for – they offer a warm space and resources for their artists and everything’s on a level, plus all the artists music is so different and I’m a fan of each one.’

I guess she ignored the lack of heating in the studio.

What I personally adore about Sarah Isabella is that she is that she has this ability to communicate all these influences and experiences so clearly into her own sound that is still deeply rooted to where we’re from, ‘Born n raised in East London’. You will never listen to anyone quite like Sarah Isabella.